CancerCARE is a cutting-edge program designed to optimize the treatment of cancer and increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery. We provide a customized, evidence-based and supportive way to manage a cancer diagnosis.

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Right Treatment, Better Outcomes

A 25-year-old male with an existing diagnosis activated his CancerCARE benefit. The patient reported a diagnosis of a rare, high-risk subtype of Hodgkin’s disease. The patient was receiving treatment for this initial diagnosis. Upon activating his CancerCARE® benefit, the patient’s samples were sent to a Center of Excellence for diagnosis confirmation. The second opinion determined…
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Eye Removal Averted

A 56-year-old female called in to activate her CancerCARE benefit. She reported that she was just diagnosed with melanoma of the left eye. Her Primary Care Provider (PCP) and local Ophthalmologist recommended total eye removal. CancerCARE coordinated a visit to a Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence physician recommended radioactive implants in lieu of…
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Surgical Expertise Makes a Difference

A 52-year-old male activated his CancerCARE benefit after his first routine colonoscopy. The patient reported a diagnosis of familial polyposis adenomatous, a hereditary disease often leading to the development of cancer. The patient’s local provider recommended a total colectomy, which would have required the patient to have an ostomy bag for life. The patient resides…