Patient Stories

49 year old male with renal cell carcinoma

“I’m not sure what I would have done without [CancerCARE’s] help. You arranged for a second opinion at a hospital I didn’t even realize I could go to and they recommended a totally different treatment. I have no way to thank you for possibly saving my life.” -49-year- old with renal cell carcinoma.

44 year old female with ovarian cancer

“It is so nice to have someone fighting for me and helping me through all of this.” 44-year-old with ovarian cancer.

56 year old male with esophageal cancer

“I don’t know how I would have made it through this treatment without [CancerCARE’s] help and support. It is great to know if I have questions or problems I can just call, and you angels take care it.” -56-year-old with esophageal cancer.

29 year old misdiagnosed with lymphoma

“Struggles turn us into people we didn’t know we could be, and cancer is no different. CancerCARE saved my life when I was misdiagnosed with lymphoma weeks after my cervical cancer diagnosis. They helped me turn my struggle into grace, strength, and knowledge to fight back. And that is an empowering combination.” -29-year- old misdiagnosed…